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:iconthemissingmystery:themissingmystery posted a status
The official tier list of anti Mr. Enter creations! Commentaries, hate art, rants, etc. will all be listed. This is not about the creators themselves. In progress

TOP TIER - The best of the best, although these don't have much competition anyway.

HIGH TIER - These might be overall good, but have a few issues that keep them from being amazing.

"The Logic of Mr. Enter" by MacboyReducX - I had a few problems with this video, such as insults and saying that trolling and cyber bullying were different, but overall it was still a solid effort.

MID TIER - They're not particularly terrible, but not particularly good either.

"My Reaction If Mr Enter Quits Reviewing Cartoons" by TheFallingOne94 - A typical anti-Enter reaction image. Not much to say, really.

Every anti-Enter meme made by GamerStrike251: Same as the above. Also, the comments tend to be worse than the image itself most of the time, anyway.

LOW TIER - They might have a few good things about them, but the bad far outweighs them.

ABYSMAL TIER - The lowest of the low. The bottom of the barrel. The dark abyss for foul creations with little to no redeeming qualities. Sometimes a creation may not be that terrible despite having a lot wrong with it, but one major flaw will plummet it all the way to this tier.

All Mr. Enter related pages on the-hungry-games wiki by Ben12066 - The very definition of "butthurt".

"Heil Mister Entler: Sieg Hoof" by TheFallingOne94 - Terrible. Not only are Hitler jokes overused, but the picture is so inaccurate to Mr. Enter that it doesn't even classify as exaggeration. Like many haters of Mr. Enter, this person believes that just slapping "satire" on hate art makes it... well, satire. Newsflash: It doesn't. I thought of placing this on Low Tier because I liked the handwriting, but the cons outweigh the pros too much for me to justify that decision.
Entersphere (Kiwi Farms) (CLOSED) - Everything that a website shouldn't be can be found on this forum. Kiwi Farms is a hate site for bashing people that they deem "lolcows", with the Entersphere being the absolute nadir. Being that it revolves around Mr. Enter, of course it wasn't going to go anywhere good. Still, it was much worse than anyone could have imagined. Insults and slurs were spammed on what seemed like every page of every thread on that forum, dissenting opinions were met with negativity, parodies of Mr. Enter and his work were the most unfunny that they had ever been, hypocrisy was at an all-time low (for example, he was often accused of nitpicking when they nitpicked every single frame of his videos and every single word of his journal entries), the threads served no purpose other than to shame Mr. Enter for being Mr. Enter and his fans for being fans, constructive criticism and legitimate discussion were at a minimum, idiocy that would not have been tolerated by anyone that isn't a rabid Mr. Enter hater ran rampant, many of the Kiwi Farmers that posted there had no concept of self-awareness. A few bright spots could not salvage this trainwreck in message board form.

Everything by Clay Claymore, KablamBandicoot64, Encyclopedia Dramatica, AGenericMrEnterHater, etc.

Devious Comments

LotCMarluxiaplz Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
Abysmal Tier: Everything by disneyphilip.
TheFallingOne94 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly didn't think a funny little drawing on MrEnter would piss you off this much. I get that some people do take their hatred a little too far (i.e. KablamBandicoot64 and especially Clay Claymore, who I'm not really a fan of him anymore). BTW, It's thanks to the commentaries from Kristal Colt, MacboyReducx, and Neon Sinister that I opened my eyes and found out just how much of a prick Clay Claymore really is. He's not really that much different from MrEnter, 03bgood, Matthew Davis, and RMG Productions in terms of ego. But then, there's folks who just don't like Enter and 03bgood (and actually have legitimate reasons I might add) or just don't care about him. You're acting like everyone who disliked Enter is either a Clay Claymore fanboy/fangirl or are just some immature shithead when in reality, not every single person who has issues or just don't like MrEnter are as big an asshole as Clay Claymore and KablamBandicoot64. I'm sorry if I offended your fragile little mind when I made that drawing.
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