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content warning for Mr. Enter/TheMysteriousMrEnter
If he triggers you, turn back or press the X button
Last warning for this story, any other trigger/content warnings in future chapters will be for themes covered specifically in that particular chapter.

(Insert intro here)


Sarah rubbed her pained back as she stood up on the rock she was lying on earlier and looked around the empty desert. Wait, how had she gotten here? All she remembered was looking for John, and then bumping into some guy in a brown costume. Was she... no, the sand in her boots told her that she was not in a play.

"Hello? Anyone there?" she called, taking off her boots and spilling the sand out of them.

She heard teeth chattering from behind her and frantically tossed her boots aside, before turning around. She saw rocks and more rocks.

"Must have just imagined it," she said to herself, as her right boot hopped away from her. "Definitely didn't imagine that... hey, get back here, shoe!"

She inserted her foot into the other boot and hopped on that leg, as the sand was somehow hotter than the rock she was on earlier.

"Phew! This hiding spot is smelly, but it works! If I can get away from that thing, I - WAAAAAH!" Sarah's suddenly talking boot was interrupted as it was jerked upside down again. This time, a weird looking orange alien had come out. It held on to the shoe for dear life, but it's grip was too weak as it feel on the sand, its eyes closed.

"Great... I'm gonna die smelling like feet!"

Sarah ignored it as she put back on the boot that had been stolen and decided to have a little fun with the creature.

It backed away as Sarah walked closer to it, until it was pinned to a rock. She then bent to its eye level.

"Tell me where I am and where the exit is, and you might live to see tomorrow!" she shouted, a little amusement seeping from her voice.

"I-I don't have to tell you anything! I-I'm the G-Great Commenter.... uhh, Commander Plurb! The Great Commander Blurp!" the fearful alien responded. "You can't do this to me!"

"O, 'Great Commander', you don't have to tell me! I'll handle you however you so desire!" Sarah said in mock worship.

"Okay, I'll talk! Just please don't squish me with your smelly feet, or eat me, or do anything else!" Sarah gave Blurp a dirty look. "I mean, you're in a video game created by Da Boom Crew! Nobody knows how to get out, not even them! We found the Boom Cards or whatever and defeated Zorg, but we're still trapped! The only people that have been here since Zorch and his army were defeated are Da Boom Crew, me, and now you!"

Blurp tiptoed around the lady and carefully eyed her. "How did you get here, anyway?"

Again, Sarah thought back to the time she bumped into the costumed guy and seemed to fly into a screen - or maybe she had spun around so much before falling that her surroundings had become blurred. "It's a long story."

"At least I'm not the only one stuck here, without Da Boom Crew to help," Blurp commented. "So, what now, uh..."

"Lady Sarah," she introduced, looking down on him. "We can't give up that easily! There must be a stone that was left unturned!"

"Well, Lady Sarah." Blurp thought he heard a girlish giggle when he said that. "All of the stones here are unturned."

"No, I mean, is there anything you haven't done yet? A quest left unfulfilled?" Sarah asked him encouragingly. She then said more quietly to herself, "Please be safe, John..."

"Not that I remember. I guess we'll just have to keep looking. And, who knows, you might even find John! After all, I didn't know you were here!" Blurp answered her.

Sarah's jaw practically detached from her mouth; had she said his name that loud? She quickly regained her composure, however. "Blurp, I think this might be the beginning of an unexpected, yet beautiful friendship," she said with a wide dimpled smile, as they walked off together... well, Sarah's hand was holding Blurp over the ground, flinging him in the air.

A new party member has joined Sarah!
Sarah: Level 2
Blurp: Level 1.5

Meanwhile, at the arcades!

"Ethan, could you help me move this arcade machine?" a heavyset man pleaded between breaths.

Ethan pretended to fiddle with the wires behind another machine. "Can't, Lucas. Sorry. Now, a little more to the left."

Lucas sighed and simply let go of the machine. "Why do I even bother?!"

Ethan put an arm around him. "It's gonna be worth it when we win that prize money."

"Again, how do we know this isn't a trick? This tournament isn't sponsored by anyone, no one else seems to know about it but us, and they're still using arcade machines!" Despite Lucas's annoyance, his facial expression barely changed. In fact, many people told him and Ethan that their faces looked like letters and a symbol from the side.*

"That just means the competition this year will be a piece of cake," Ethan assured his friend, who simply shrugged and walked off.

The Breadwinners, meanwhile, were drooling over their shared arcade machine. Johnny pushed them out of the way to see Sarah and Blurp talking to each other.

"How long has she been here?!" Johnny interrogated, but they were still too love sick. He groaned loudly as a woman with the same facial expression as Ethan and Lucas arrived with black loaves of bread with broken hearts in the middle.

"Lilia, thank goodness you're here!" Johnny praised, taking the two loaves from her and force feeding them to the two horndogs. "My sisters did a lot of experimenting earlier, so this should work!"

Everyone waited with bated breath as the Breadwinners excused themselves to go behind a bush and hurl. After about a minute, they came back and cleaned their machine.

"So, how about Sarah?" Lucas asked slowly.

"What about her?" Swaysway questioned, as if he hadn't just been drooling over her a minute ago.

Johnny withheld his excitement and pointed at the screen. "She doesn't think you two can beat her!"

"Yeah! She said you're so bad at games, you wouldn't land a single hit!" Ethan joined in the fun.

"Oh, no, she didn't!" Buhdeuce exclaimed in shock. "She's going down!"

"Now that's what I like to hear!" Lilia cheered in a monotone voice, as the Breadwinners tested all of the machines and made sure they were all connected online. She then said to herself, "The more technology evolves, the more it stays the same."

The two then punched some buttons into the machines and moved the joysticks around. "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A!" they chorused, as everyone got into game playing positions.

"I still don't get it," Johnny said to no one in particular.

"Player 1, ready?" Swaysway announced. "Ready!" he responded to himself.

Buhdeuce did the same. "Player 2, ready? Ready!"

The two then did roll call for the next three players (Lilia, Ethan, and Lucas), and were now on the sixth and last player.

"Player 6, ready?"

"Of course!" Johnny's hands were tingling in anticipation. "Wait, how come I have to be Player 6? It's my turn to be Player 1!"

"That was yesterday's secret password," Swaysway teased, wagging a finger at him.

"Oh for the love of... READY!"

On each screen said, "Player 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 Begin!"

The six of them wore their helmets as pixels appeared around the outlines of their bodies and then dissipated. They then appeared on the screens and took the form of the players, but with weapons, special abilities, and much more.

"I never thought I'd live to see virtual reality in arcades. I have to admit, this is pretty cool!" Lucas confessed.

I agree, now let's go get 'em! First kill wins it!" Ethan smirked as much as his face would allow, before they ran off in different directions.


John held his breath for as long as he could, turning blue in the face.

He tried in vain to rip apart the metal that was locking him in the seat, but to no avail. He was going to die here. He would never see his family or friends again, or anything. This would be his final memory, breathing underwater, and.... wait, what?

John slowly inhaled through his nose; though the water was smelly, it wasn't much different than a stink in the air. He then put his (somehow still dry) shirt over his nose to see what would happen. While his shirt blocked some of the smell, faint traces of the scent still got through, so it was still somewhat hard to breathe.

Just like above the water! he thought. Huh, that's weird.

He decided to put his questions aside for the moment and focus on getting out of this mess. He hoped Sarah was doing okay. He hoped she hadn't still been waiting for him, or worse yet, decided to go on the same ride he had and gotten herself into trouble too...

Just when he thought his situation couldn't get any worse, his surroundings darkened and he heard teeth clanking -- and they weren't his. He dared to turn his head, and was met with the sight of a giant shark hungrily preparing to devour him.

John clenched his eyes shut and braced himself for the worst.


"I have imparted upon you, the ability to live among us."

The brown-haired man instantly awoke to an unfamiliar, sort of creepy voice and hopped on his feet.

"What the - who's there?" he asked, on edge after the shark attack he had just been a victim of not too long ago. He wished he could forget about it, but his mind continued to race. One more second and he would have been shark chow...

How did he get here? Wasn't he about to get eaten not too long ago? Who saved him? Was this a dream? Would he wake up in the next few minutes and find out he had fallen asleep on a roller coaster? 

His eyes darted everywhere, seeing only sea and small bits of land as far as his eyes could see. He realized he was on an island, but how? He didn't remember seeing any island on his Connectown map.

Oh, right! John thought, inwardly slapping himself as he took it out of his pocket. How did I forget about the map?

He touched the screen of the map a few times as a figure in a green cloak with red outlines inched towards him, with a blank-faced horde of people following closely behind.

It did nothing.

Must be a dream, John contemplated, as he pinched himself. When he didn't wake up, he pocketed his device and looked directly at the cloaked one's face. Nope, just hallucinating.

"Who... Who are you?" John questioned, now a bit afraid of what might happen next.

"You may refer to me, henceforth, as the King of the Court." the man told him, his deep voice exuding an air of authority. "You are one of many people that will live safely on this island."

"That's a nice offer, but I'd really just like to get back to Connectown," John replied, carefully choosing his words.

"It is unsafe back there," the cloaked one told him, pointing his ring at John. Images were projected from it. Each one showed Sarah: the first showed her being cornered by green creatures with large heads, the second depicted her being pushed into an arcade machine, and the last one displayed her in a desert with only one shoe.

"Please, take me back there. I have to save her!" pleaded John, unable to look anymore.

"You must leave her. You do not have to put yourself at risk. Just drink this Elixir of Life, and you will be safe forever and ever." The King of the Court whipped out a bottle of bubbling crimson liquid from the inside of his cloak. 
The three images from before projected from his ring in front of John, over and over again.

A mix of emotions welled up inside John. Fear for what could happen to Sarah if he didn't get to her as soon as possible. Anger at this so-called king for trying to keep him against his will. Determination to go back and save Sarah at any cost. Desire to be reunited with her once more.

"I'm willing to take my chances, because unlike you, I care about others! Maybe if you ventured beyond this little island you call 'home' and actually tried to form genuine bonds with people, they'd be more willing to pretend you're this 'great ruler of all'!" ranted John, his frustration rising with each sentence. "Because the way I see it, being trapped in a deserted island with some inconsiderate asshole with no concept of sacrifice isn't my idea of safety!" he concluded, panting. Even as he chewed out the cloaked figure, his army remained stone faced.

"You will not go back... you will not go back... you will not go back..." The zombie-like mob stepped closer to John, who had already made a run for it. "Stay... forever." One of the red outlines on the green hood tore away from it and lashed out at John like a whip. He dived to the right, but the makeshift whip redirected towards him, spiraling around him...

...before being cut to ribbons.

Two rodents then scampered towards the figure. The strangest thing about them was that they wore clothes.

The one on the right had an eyepatch around its left eye and wore a purple and white striped shirt. On its head was a purple hat with a large white feather on the top. The other one with the black hat adorned a green tuxedo with an orange vest over a white dress shirt. A red bowtie was fixed to its shirt.

"N-N-No... it can't be! I thought I banished you two from my dominion!" the King stuttered, converting every red outline on his cloak into flaming whips. "Y-You're supposed to be in the asylum!"

The pirate rat unsheathed a glass sword and chopped down as many of the extensions as it could, preventing John from getting hurt. During the distraction, the other one ran past all of the people and crawled into King of the Court's cloak.

The hooded one squirmed as the rodent scampered into the sleeve. Just as quickly, it hopped out and jumped on the head of a mindless zombie.-like slave of the King.

The pest hopped from hypnotized person to hypnotized person, just barely managing to avoid a whip each time. Meanwhile, the pirate,costumed rat dramatically stepped up to the King and puffed its chest out.

King of the Court momentarily ignored the hat-wearing animal and pointed his ring to the pirate, green rays of light emitting from it.

"You will pay for the invasion of my perfect world!" he bellowed. "The fine... your life!"

His opponent squinted its eyes and held up the glass sword in front of it.

"No.... no... NO!" the hooded figure shouted in agony, the mirror properties of the sword having ensured that he trapped himself into a loop. All of the people that were on his side toppled over immediately, and the weaponless rat then swiped the ring from his grasp.

John gasped. "T-The island!"

Indeed, the entire area was quickly disintegrating, square inch by square inch. Everyone urgently huddled to the middle.

"Thief, do something with that ring before we all drown!" the pirate shrieked hysterically to his companion, who was reaching for a bottle of red liquid rolling off the disappearing island. "Forget the Elixir of Life!"

The aptly named Thief pointed the stolen ring at all of the people who were hypnotized. "Umm... each and every average Joe, back to Connectown you go!" John and the currently unnamed rat gave him an odd look as the others disappeared in a flash of light.
"Since this island was an illusion, maybe we can stop it from disappearing, and - "

It was too late as they were dropped into sea. Invisible cold needles stabbed through their skin as the three of them held themselves in a feeble attempt to minimize the pain.

Unfortunately, freezing cold water would be the least of their worries as the shark that John previously encountered circled around them, looking meaner and hungrier than ever before.

Thief grabbed onto John's jacket and shakily aimed the gem adorned on his paw at the sea creature. "Ice Teeth, under my control, take us back and keep us whole!"

The shark blinked as a lime-colored light that John was tired of seeing sent it into a trance. Thief then hopped onto it.

"I'm now convinced that everything leading up to this point is just one giant acid trip. Otherwise - "

"You two coming?" Thief cut off John's ramblings. "We don't have all day!"

Without another word, the three held on to Ice Teeth, and were then ridden back to land within seconds. John then hurriedly rushed to the arcade. "Don't worry, Sarah, I'm coming!"

The two mice were forced to hold on to his hood just to be able to keep up.

"Psst... Chief," whispered Thief. "Think he could help us take over the world?"

"How are we going to do that?" Thief whispered back. "We lost the Elixir of Life, and there are too many atrocities running around! We can't take them on in our current state!"

"Maybe we don't need the Elixir of Life." Chief cleaned his sword with the inside of his suit. "What they have in numbers, we have in surprise. Plus, we just knocked that so-called king off his throne! How much of a challenge can a few more atrocities be after that?"

Thief was floored by the speech, and Chief continued, "Plus, Susan and Mary can make a new Elixir of Life for us." The speaker stared at his reflection in the ring, admiring his buck-toothed smile. "The odds are in our favor, Thief. We'll help him save Sarah, and then be one step closer to taking over the world."

"Yessir!" Thief responded, getting it out in one breath.

"Our path to getting rid of the competition begins now. Today, Connectown. Tomorrow, the world. The day after that, the universe," Chief said to himself as they arrived near the arcade machines.

John quickly grabbed a joystick attacked to a nearby arcade machine and rapidly pressed a big red button.

"Come on, game, start already!"

"Shh!" Thief reminded him. "They'll hear you!"

"Da-Da-Da-Da Boom Crew!" the title screen on the machine rapped, before the sound transitioned into an 8-bit instrumental song that sounded almost plagiarized. John pushed the start button once more.

"Enter your name," read the screen. John input his name, and was then digitized along with the two rodents.

NOTE: this is about the actual intros, not Mr. Enter's great videos addressing the subject.

#20: Mr. Pickles - Bad but too short to make much of an impression on me.
#19: Butt Ugly Martians - The chorus is okay despite the dumb title but everything else sucks.
#18: Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island - Not good but not terrible either. 
#17: Braceface - Cliche but not terrible.
#16: Pickle & Peanut - Sucks, others already ripped it apart better than me so let's move on.
#15: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - I like this one!
#14: Pac-Man (1982) - The worst of the two Pac-Man intros but not that terrible.
#13: Hammerman - Had potential but went on for too long saying nothing of interest.
#12a-d: 4Kids Intros - Like all of these too. Kirby > MMP > TMNT: Fast Forward > One Piece 
#11: Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl - Lyrics are okay, singing is bad, instrumentals are trash.
#10: Garfield (Season 7) - Liked the fast part around the middle but the rest is dull.
#9: Breadwinners - This speaks for itself.
#8: Rurouni Kenshin - I liked this one!
#7: Angela Anaconda - TERRIBLE.
#6a-b: Planet Sheen/Fanboy & Chum Chum - Both suck but I think F&CC is slightly worse.
#5: The Nutshack - Chorus is so bad is good, the rest is bad beyond comprehension (really!).
#4: Captain Planet (Season 6) - Bad but more of a disappointment compared to the original.
#3: The Brothers Flub - Horrible.
#2: Kung-Fu Dino Posse - Bad enough but the main lead's voice makes it even worse.
#1: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue - One of the worst, but not my worst.

If I could rearrange them to my liking, from best to worst, only using what was listed:

#22: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
#21: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
#20a-b: Mew Mew Power/Rurouni Kenshin
#19: TMNT: Fast Forward
#18: One Piece (4Kids)
#17: Braceface
#16: Mr. Pickles
#15: Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island
#14: Garfield (Season 7)
#13: Pac-Man (1982)
#12a-b: Butt-Ugly Martians/Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
#11: Hammerman
#10: Pickle & Peanut 
#9: Captain Planet (Season 6)
#8: The Brothers Flub
#7: Kung-Fu Dino Posse
#6: Breadwinners
#5: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue
#4: Planet Sheen
#3: The Brothers Flub
#2: Angela Anaconda
#1: Fanboy & Chum Chum

I think Eon Kid and OHSHC should have been there but that's just me


content warnings: Mr. Enter/TheMysteriousMrEnter, cursing
potential trigger warnings for mature content (simply mentioned)
this is a FANfic, not a bash fic, so if you hate him, it would be in your best interest to back away.

(Insert intro of your choice here)

Chapter 1 - Bonds and Connections

"Come on, John! At least try and catch up!" 

A young woman was running across the sidewalk and waving two tickets in the air, laughing all the while. Her long brunette hair was flowing in the gentle wind. A bearded man was right behind her, grabbing at the tickets, but never quite reaching them. The lady suddenly dashed to the right, catching him off guard a bit. He finally caught up to her as she reached a ticket booth.

"Tickets, please."

The woman dropped the two tickets into the calloused hand of a man, before pressing a button. The gate in front of them slowly opened up to reveal a large, futuristic town. A huge green and black banner loomed over the entire area. It said, "Welcome to Connectown" In big bold letters, and then in smaller letters below, "Where the dots of this community are connected."*

"Whoa..." John gasped, blown away as electronic maps were handed to them. "Sarah**, how did you afford - hey, wait, come back here!"

Once again, Sarah had him chasing her around the theme park.

In his pursuit of Sarah, he was led into the food court. There was a long line there and all of the seats were taken. The strangest thing was that the place was devoid of all trash or stains, from the ground to the tables. Even footsteps weren't visible, including their own.

John took his place behind Sarah and waited for what seemed like the whole day. Just as Sarah was ready to place their orders, a scrawny kid with glasses that looked more like a miniature adult walked past them, cutting them in line.

"Uh, excuse me, but we were here first," Sarah told the kid politely.

"What is this trash doing here? I thought I made it clear that all trash was to be decomposed." The kid clapped a few times, gesturing towards the two. "I, Allen Gregory, refuse to eat in a place filled with garbage."

John tightened a fist, but decided not to throttle him...yet. "Well, I guess you can't eat anywhere, then."

"At least I don't have an ugly bitch for a girlfriend like you!" Allen retorted. 

"I'm his sister!" Sarah shrieked, all patience and kindness flying out the window.

"Oh, really? Glad to know even your brother has standards," Allen responded to her.

John and Sarah both got ready to pound his ugly, smug face into the ground, when their path was blocked by a cane. 

"You leave my boyfriend alone!" yelled a deep, raspy voice that sounded a lot like a female chain smoker.

The last thing that John and Sarah were expecting to see when they looked at the direction where they heard the voice, was an fat elderly woman that looked to be in her eighties. Her expression seemed to be stuck in a perpetual state of being love stuck. John and Sarah covered their noses to block the smell of stale bread emanating from her body from entering, but their disgust did not end there.

"Oh, dearest Judith!" Allen said to her, as the two embraced each other. 

John wished he had looked away at that very moment, and actually felt like barfing. "Please cancel my order until I find my appetite." Cries of disgust rang across the food court, but were soon drowned out by disgusting slurping noises threatening to assault the ears of everyone. "Actually, I think it's lost forever."

Sarah, who had been lucky enough to keep her eyes away the moment Judith stepped in, led John out of the food court, where they would never have to see the...odd couple again. But the image of them making out in front of everyone would forever be engraved in their minds.


"Found your appetite yet?"


"Me neither."

John and Sarah were walking across the techno roads, trying to decide on a ride.

"How about 'On Cloud Nine'?" Sarah suggested.

Above them, a roller coaster soared above the thick clouds. John shuddered, already not liking it. "You can go ahead. I'll find another one." he answered.

"Sure thing." Sarah dotted a few lines on her map. "Let's meet at the farms within an hour."

John nodded, and then walked a different path than Sarah. 
John spent the first ten minutes trying to find a ride that wasn't too tall, then the next twenty waiting in the long line, under a dark, damp tunnel. 

The person in charge of the ride was a purple kid. No one seemed to question why, or even care. John was seated in the middle of two female redheads. Everyone was automatically strapped in their seats as the tunnel brightened up a bit to reveal fake spiders and snakes under them, as well as the view of a dark city with odd-looking cars racing against each other.

In a voice too deep for the purple boy, he yelled: "Enjoy your trip out of this world!" He then gave what sounded like a maniacal laugh to John.

John held on tightly as the coaster took the shape of a car, plummeted downhill, and zoomed through the roads, barely avoiding the speeding vehicles. The scenery took the place of various locations, including outer space.


"Come on, you know you want it! Just get the guy of your dreams to eat a piece, and when he sees you, he'll fall right in love! That'll be five dollars for a loaf, and if you order now, you'll get two for the price of one! Permanent ones are fifteen plus tax. Here, have a sample, and just stare at us, and you'll see it really works!"

Two short, green bobble heads with beaks had cornered Sarah, who was looking towards the increasingly lengthening line of the ride she really wanted to go to.

"We'll try it out first, and then you can. Here's a test!" the creatures said in unison, breaking a pink loaf in half, and then swallowing it whole (insert closeup shot of a live action mouth chewing with mouth open). They rubbed their eyes, and when they were finished, their pupils were replaced with hearts.

"Sarah..." The shorter one fawned, grasping her hands lovingly.

"Wait, how do you know my name?!" Sarah exclaimed, yanking her arms away.

"Nice going! She wasn't supposed to know we know her already! Now she'll never dance under the moon with me while I pull her in for a kiss, and Leader - "

The tall...whatever it was....was slapped by his partner.

"Don't say that name! She'll never buy our Love Loaf if she knows we're in allegiance with - !"

"Don't fall for it! They're creeps! That love loaf doesn't work!" a child's voice yelled out, sending the horndogs packing.

"Thanks for getting them away from me," Sarah began, turning to her savior, but seeing only a flying blue and orange streak with the sound of a whip cracking to accompany it. "Okay then?"

She then looked at her watch and gasped. "Oh no! I've gotta meet John in a few minutes! Stupid long line, and stupid bobble heads!" She dashed in the opposite direction of the ride, consulting her map with every turn she took. Along the way, she bumped into a white dog, who barked on instinct.

"Oh, sorry," the dog said, beating Sarah to the apology.

Sarah's jaw dropped yet again the moment that the animal spoke. Did she just hear that? She shook her head a few times and continued running, with the dog trailing behind her.

"You going to the farms too? Awesome!" His tail waged rapidly. "Hey, race ya!"


Thick, smelly water dripped around everyone as the ride plummeted downhill to a simulation of the sea. The dripping water looked a lot like drool and smelled like sweat. This did not sit well with John, who hyperventilated and convulsed with fear. The entire roller coaster became submerged with the now almost swamp-like sea, before outright stopping in its tracks.

"Hahahaha! My spit collection is being put to good use!"

John recognized that voice. It was the purple kid from earlier. This ride had gotten far too real now! He and the others were struggling to break their bindings, but it was no use.


Sarah and the dog waited at the entrance of the farms for at least twenty minutes, but there was still no sign of John. None of the construction workers she had asked about him had seen anyone remotely meeting his description.

"I tell ya, this is gonna be the cornerstone of Connectown," one of them said to another.

"Yeah! When they see what we're all about, they're gonna all run over here, and the whole park will be devoted to this area!" the other exclaimed.

They had continued their conversation, but Brian and Sarah had tuned them out, still waiting for John. 

Ten minutes.

Still nothing.

"He might be a little late," the dog assured Sarah. 

"This isn't like him, though..." Sarah said, worried. "What if he's lost? What if he's hurt, or worse?!"

"Easy there, I'm sure he'll turn up sometime." The dog's eyes wandered all across her body, with a blush overtaking his face. He then regained his composure and cleared his throat. "That construction worker said two of the rides had a malfunction. Which one did he get on?"

"It was 'Out of this World', I think," Sarah answered.

"I don't think I recognize that one. Must be one of the newer - "

But Sarah had already ran off before he could finish his sentence. She was so worried about him that she hadn't even checked her map or taken in her surroundings, and bumped into a tall figure. She got knocked over into a screen of an arcade machine that she didn't even know was there.


"Buhdeuce! Swaysway!" A loud, booming voice echoed across the room and scared the two bobble head out of their wits. Everyone's attention was on the source of the voice, a ghostly, sinister-looking hooded figure. "You two have failed me for the last time! Your stupid Love Loaf was a bust, you left that girl with suspicion, and you very nearly gave me away! Give me one reason why I shouldn't rip apart your job contracts right this minute!"

"I'm sorry!" Buhdeuce cried, tears dramatically falling from his eyes. "She seduced us, and we just had to have her!"

"Yeah! She was so beautiful, and we were so close, but then Johnny had to ruin it all!" Swaysway chimed in just as hysterically.

"Hey! If I didn't come in when I did, who knows how much more you could have ruined everything!" a flame-haired kid defended, slamming his fists on the table.~

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, you two actually thought you had a chance?" scoffed the white dog sitting to the left of the leader.

"Guys, please stop fighting," a little girl said, but no one listened to her.

Johnny pointed to Buhdeuce and Swaysway.~ "No one's ever gonna fall for your scam! Try something different for once!"

"Can I go back to the arcade now?" a man asked, having kept his stony-faced expression the entire time.

"ENOUGH!" the figure yelled, shutting everyone up. "Wayne Cramp, your spit collecting has paid off more than I ever thought it would, I must say. Now the rest will be left to Mr. Pickles. John doesn't stand a chance."

A grey girl let go of the leash that she was holding and let Mr. Pickles loose. He curled in a ball as the little girl pet him. He then let out a primal roar before jumping out of a window.

"Judith, Allen Gregory. Your PDA served as a nice distraction for Orange to prepare himself. Alfe, not bad. You did make sure to turn on the game before pushing the girl into it, right?"

"Uh-huh," the large brown creature responded.

"Good... the crew will finish her off from here, and she'll go out with a boom." The Leader's sleeves runned against each other. "The rest of you, off to your assigned areas."

"Yes, Leader!" everyone chorused.

The little girl from before sent a quick text as the group made their way out of the room. It said, "I'm sorry, Pixel Pinkie, I should have listened to you. We're in this mess because of me. How are we going to get out of it?"

Johnny tapped her shoulder.~ "You coming, Nina?"

"Of course!" She answered, finally getting up and walking away with him.

The bobble heads were forcibly magnetized in front of Leader's face, floating in the air. "If you botch this one up, you two will be sitting ducks in every sense of the word, and people will be given more reason to call you "Breadlosers". Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes! As clear as my love for -"

"Enough already!" Leader interjected in disgust, ejecting them from the same window that Mr. Pickles flew out of earlier. Leader looked around the room, making sure no one was still around, and then reached inside of the old, large coat, before laying back on the chair and using the table as a footrest. 

"It seems I've changed a thousand ways, I wish..."*

*Couldn't think of a better tagline
**Sarah is a OC, not based on a particular family member.
***Guess the (obvious) reference!
-No personal questions (where do you live, name, age, etc.)
-No religion or politics related questions.
-No questions that might only serve to instigate drama.
-Absolutely no Mr. Enter related questions!
i wish more people would talk about it
i like both of the games and SPM but the original is rarely talked about, it just seemed to get lost in the Sticker Star/Color Splash complaints SPM/TTYD nostalgia and TTYD overpraise.
anyone else agree?
just started watching and its great!    
as the title says, TheYoungHero is a liar. he's lied about me and left out certain parts of our confrontation so that brainless fanboys of him (and mindless anti-Mr. Enter stans) will mindlessly follow him.

PROOF: TheMysteriousMrEnter + Updates
 (as you can see HE starts the argument, not me)

Now to the actual video....

..well that was a bigger bomb than Fant4stic

Here i will only be addressing the parts about JohnWalker123, illiniguy34 and me because he spread lies about all of us.

"I found something worse than people sending death threats: three fanbrats!"

defending someone is worse than sending death threats? 



and? did you expect him to leave bullshit unopposed?


Then he says dont take it seriously, its satirical. thinking otherwise IS taking it seriously.

"but he only said that because it spoke negatively about Mr. Enter!"

WRONG! the person who originally created the article was known for having a petty grudge against him for stupid reasons. most of the article itself was mainly insults and stupid jokes and assumptions. Doesn't scream "credible" to me!


"He says he respects opinions but attacks anyone who expresses a negative opinion about Mr. Enter!"

his proof? Commentaries on anti-Mr. Enter stans...


you realize he was probably joking about the police part right?

"Not everyone in Mr. Enter's fanbase is like him."

that's a shame, JohnWalker123 is a level-headed fan

"He did a commentary on a guy named gonzo22 who was simply expressing his opinion. The guy's grammar sucks but it's just his opinion."

JohnWalker123 is also just expressing his opinion. by your logic your video is harassing us. hell you criticized gonzo22's grammar!
Oh wait, you're an anti-Mr. Enter stan so double standards and hypocrisy should be expected by now.

also, i must point out JW123 and illiniguy34 dont watch him much anymore, maybe not at all nowadays.



first of all you dont know what a "fanbrat" is.
secondly if that was the case, every single Mr. Enter rant would be in the collection, and its not. 

"Gotta like Mr. Enter! Or you're a hater, youre a stem (he actually says "stan")."

What? either get a better mic or do retakes.


no, its there because you LIED about what happened in the comments when people can see otherwise but your brainless fanboys and fangirls will believe you anyway. you first called me a "fanboy"

"This is childish. There are people that don't like Mr. Enter, making a collection is stupid and you look like a fanbrat."

again my problem is people mindlessly hating him, not critics.
some of my friends dont like Mr. Enter but they are not going around attacking him or his fanbase!

"this is the Mr. Enter fanbase: The culture of bullying and harassment."

Defending Mr. Enter from haters is bullying? yeah okay
Again YOU are attacking US so that makes YOU a bully.

first time watching the video and im like :D
well theres Mr. Enter and PIEGUYRULZ but this is close
My only criteria for this list is no overused choices like Crazy Bus, Global Gladiators, Hong Kong 97, etc.
Most of these are more disappointing and unfitting than actually terrible but i still do not like them regardless
and yes I will keep updating this as I remember/come across more bad game music.

Joke's End (M&L: Superstar Saga) --- as annoying and repetitive as it gets it at least fits the situation
All Low Health Beeps (Various) --- they serve a purpose but after the fiftieth beep the sound becomes more threatening than the actual game

Now, let the ear raping begin.

This gets annoying after a while especially if its your first time playing through the game, youre bound to get lost in Monstro. This isnt good enough to be a field theme. the battle theme isnt much better either. at least the CoM (GBA) version sounds more catchy, probably the only CoM song i prefer over a KH1 song.

Recoded only had a few original songs to its name and out of all of them this was the worst. The song's loops are too short and the song itself isnt that great either.

it was a tough decision between this and the trainer battle theme but this one edges out slightly. So slow paced and dull.

ANOTHER remix of the main theme and this one isn't even good.

See above. This one just sucks!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... comment.

Its dull when you first hear it....and annoying the tenth

Not the worst remix of a pre existing song (that's Central City/Diamond Dust Zone, but its the most annoying song in the game.

this is a castle theme?

Oooooooooh im sooooo scared
that he hasn't announced or hinted at?

Admirable Animation: "Find Her, Keep Her" [The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh]
Pooh's reputation is so bad :(
i believe Mr. Enter can undo most of the damage that was done by "Pooh's Adventures" with an Admirable Animation

Animated Atrocities: "(insert title here)" [Love Hina]
this show is trash, i have no further words for it.
what i just saw was the most disgusting thing i have ever seen....
Hear me out...
I just saw.... Mr. Enter rule 34 with Brian............
I won't be able to sleep tonight.....or probably ever........ .
*hurls again*
NOTE: same rules as the other apologies. if you are not a mindless hater (stan) of Benthelooney or Rowdy C. Moore/TV Trash then this does not apply to you.

* means it was added recently.

First, anti-Benthelooney stans:

I'm sorry that you devote so much time to hating him even though you say you don't care about him.

I'm sorry that you can't stop talking about him and keep bringing his name back from the dead in the form of commentaries, rants, responses, tweets, etc.

I'm sorry that my opinion on Benthelooney hurts your feelings just because it differs from yours, which brings me to:

I'm sorry that you say he can't accept other opinions but are even more close minded than he is.

I'm sorry that you're so offended by Benthelooney having fans because God forbid we be individuals with free thinking minds, right? No, we have to be blind, hive minded drones that hate on him at every opportunity!

I'm sorry that you call him a nostalgiatard and say he's stuck in the past even though he saluted shows like MLP and LPS, and has a list of classic cartoons that he doesn't like.

I'm sorry that you get on him for drawing cartoon porn, but then when I check your gallery, naked anime chicks take up 80% of the page. I don't like seeing cartoon porn but people who favorite it have no right to call him out on it.

I'm sorry that you think his drawings are crap but when I go to your gallery you either have no art or worse art.

I'm sorry that you think his animations are mediocre simply because only two frames are used... but you can't even animate one frame.... yeah, exactly.

I'm sorry that you're so angry at Benthelooney for doing what he loves.

I'm sorry that you think Benthelooney is obsessed with animation and a sperg but then obsess over him more than he's ever obsessed over anything.

I'm sorry that every time he addresses a crappy point you make, you have to change the subject instead of just taking your beatdown like a man.

Oh and heres a special apology to a certain someone: I'm sorry that when Ben called you out in his recent video you took time out of your day to make a response to him just to drone on and on about your life story that I'm sure no one else except your idiotic fanboys cares for. By the way, Ben never said he was better than you, but maybe he should have because he is.

And another special apology for another certain someone: I'm sorry that you hate Ben's rants so much that you would literally wish death on him for disagreeing with you. You say annoying people is as bad or worse than wanting someone to die over videos you aren't forced to watch... well you are the biggest imbecile I have ever met.

Now, anti-Rowdy C. Moore/The Rowdy Reviewer stans:

I'm sorry that you watch more of TV Trash than even most fans do.

I'm sorry that you think his voice is annoying and use this as an end-all be-all argument to try and detract from his points. (some advice: It's not working....)

I'm sorry that when he expressed his opinion on South Park, you got angry about it. And you morons want to call him oversensitive...

I'm sorry that your life seems to depend on him liking or not liking Family Guy, South Park, and etc.

I'm sorry that some of you even go so far as to make fun of his appearance. Because that defines a review show!

I'm sorry that none of you can come up with valid reasons to hate him, and so have to resort to ad hominem attacks to justify your position.

Oh and again heres a special apology to a certain someone: I'm sorry that you spent time making shitty hate art of Rowdy C. Moore, who did nothing to you, and you blocked me when I called you out on it.
I honestly find it better than a lot of other Nick shows that get hyped up like Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Rocko's and etc.

BLACKB0ND showed up on the playlist and it went to that but for some reason the thumbnail didnt change... O_O weird isnt it?
2015 went by so fast......
heres hoping 2016 will be better!    
I hope everyone will enjoy their holidays!
if you thought of them first and they were not in use?

One name i  would steal is TheMysteriousMrEnter, its so badass.

also Iridescent, its one of the coolest sounding words out there!